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"50 Years in the Making"

Paul’s Donuts was founded in St. Louis in 1968 and it has been a fixture in St. Peters for nearly 30 years. Yet, how did the current rendition come to be?

Bill & Julie Feld were long-time customers of Paul’s. When the founders, Paul & Marti Murawski, decided to retire in 2008, Bill and Julie were excited to be able to take over this St. Peters’ landmark.

Paul’s Café - Donuts, Ice Cream & More moved in 2015 to a larger, nicer facility and it’s just catty-corner from where the old location was. It has easy access to the drive-thru, lots of great parking and bar, booth, table and patio seating.

Come in to see our expanded menu which now provides more breakfast offerings for your enjoyment.

Not only did Bill & Julie expand the menu, they expanded the reach of Paul’s - creating a wholesale division. What do you do when you aren’t close to the St. Peters’ retail location? Check out all the locations across the St. Louis Metropolitan Area where you can experience Paul’s made fresh daily donuts and baked goods.

The Paul’s Experience has always been about a quality – excellent customer service of a high quality product. At Paul’s we care about the customer and want to make you a part of our family!